About Bhasha

The main areas of interest for Bhasha have been language, arts, culture, education and social harmony.

Adivasis & Bhasha

Bhasha's special interest has been the adivasis, whose national population is about 104 million(Census 2011), and the nomadic and denotified communities, whose population is estimated at 60 million. Bhasha is engaged in bringing a greater appreciation of the cultures of these two social sectors and ensuring their entitlement to constitutional guarantees and social security. It needs to be stressed that this work is of huge proportion and involves not just the question of reducing the economic deprivation of the Adivasis and DNT's but also of social attitudes beset with stereotypes, Besides, the question of restoring their access to resources such as land, water and forest, and shaping the structural instruments such as policy and regulations, have been of high-priority in Bhasha's activities. Bhasha tries to pursue all these lines of action for a social transformation by activating the energy and imagination of the young and the educated among the Adivasis.

Adivasis & Bhasha


The objectives of Bhasha Trust are :

  1. To undertake Study of Indian Languages, Literature, Culture and Arts and to undertake activity to promote the Arts, Literature, Languages and Culture in any part of the world.
  2. To undertake ethnographic studies, cultural studies, comparative studies, sociological analysis, demographic reports of marginal, nomadic, indigenous and such like communities in any part of the world.
  3. To organize seminars, workshops, discussions, conferences, exhibitions, displays, projections through digital media, e-archives and dissemination of publications of surveys, reports, dissertations, monographs, CDs, resulting out of such activities in the interest of public benefit, education, information and such like in all or any part of the world.
  4. To undertake surveys, fieldwork, critical and historical studies of Indian Arts, Literature, Languages and Culture in their main-stream, popular and Folk-forms.
  5. To stimulate and create awareness among the citizens for the preservation of tribal languages, art-practices and imaginative life of tribal communities in India.
  6. To undertake pilot conservation projects.
  7. To hold workshops, seminars, public lectures, exhibitions and festivals of art and literature related to tribal art and literature in India.
  8. To obtain and render assistance and cooperation to local authorities, State and Central Governments, and other bodies, universities, institutions and individuals for achieving the objectives of the Trust.
  9. To collaborate with national academics of art and literature and research institutions engaged in the area of tribals related imaginative activity for the purpose of undertaking or encouraging research in tribal art and literature.
  10. To establish a campus for creating an institutions for the promotion of tribal languages, literature, arts and culture with a view to initiating formal education in the area of conservation of tribal imagination.
  11. To consolidate the Adivasi Academy as an integral component of Bhasha and to generate intellectual, academic and funding support for continuation of the objectives with which the Adivasi Academy was established by Bhasha.
  12. To assist, facilitate, collaborate with or to carry out for Government and non government organizations responsibilities to mitigate natural disaster or calamities affecting communities and cultures and languages mentioned above.
  13. Generally to do everything to promote and take forward the above objectives and to receive funds, donations and grants from Government and Non-Government Oranisations in India and in other countries so long as the donations, grants and funds received do not implicitly or explicitly violate norms, rules and regulations of the Government in Gujarat and in India.
  14. To institute awards, prizes, scholarships and fellowships at State and/or National level for achieving the objectives of the Trust.
  15. To give grants, subsidies, and/or loans to other institutions/individuals for the furtherance of the objectives of this Trust.
  16. To recommend fresh areas as and when identified by the Board of Trustees.

Bhasha Founders

Bhasha was founded by a group of eminent and socially committed educationists and writers including Prof. Ganesh Devy, Ms Nisha Grover, Dr Ravikant Joshi, Ms Sandhya Gajjar and Prof. Surekha Devi.

Founding Trustees

Dr. Ganesh Devy

Dr. Surekha Devi

Smt. Sandhya Gajjar

Trustees at present

Smt. Nisha Grover, Managing Trustee

Dr. Om Damani, Treasurer

Dr. Biren Bhuta, Secretary

Shri Lalit Mehta, Trustee

Dr. Madan Lal Meena, Trustee and Hon. Director, Adivasi Academy, Tejgadh

Dr. Rashmi Sawhney

Smt. Rekha Choudhari

Dr. Pushparaj Deshpande


Bhasha believes in keeping its structure lean and non-hierarchical. It has therefore a small team which is flexible and adapt at multitasking. For those who wish to volunteer with or join Bhasha, the organization’s functions include: Research and Documentation, Publishing, Education, Liasioning and Networking, Project Planning and Monitoring, Trust Management, Fund Raising and Resource Management, Accounting and Audit.

The team at present includes:

Bhasha Trust Office

Trust Office Co-ordinator

Academic Co-ordinator

Accounts Officer

Adivasi Academy

Hon. Director

Resident Dy.Director

Public Relation Officer

Museum Curator

Archives and Media Coordinator


Educational Work Co-ordinator

Prakruti Health Clinic Co-ordinator

Ayush Project Co-ordinator

Ayurved Doctor Vasant Shala Incharge Accounting Team Support Staff in each area


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