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Bhupen Khakkar
Abhiyan, Diwali 1994

Adivasi Literature - A National Heritage
Gujarat Samachar, 11th October 1997

Akademi to honour tribal language writings
January 1998

Tribal seances and elections
The Times of India, 12th February 1998

Bonding with Tribals
An interview with Dr. Bhagwandas Patel

Bookshop on Wheels
The Times of India, 9th August 2001

Encyclopaedias on Tribal Knowledge
The Indian Express, 20th October 2005

Down the road less travelled
The Sunday Times, 14th May 2006

Literary Meet and Mela at Saputara
September 2006

Vagh Baras Puja
November 2006

An Epic Narrative, the new linguistic survey
Outlook, 19th March 2007

Bhasha ane Boli na vikasnu vatayan aarambh
Loksatta, 20th May 2007

Literary Meet and Mela at Saputara
September 2007

Vagh Baras Puja
Divya Bhaskar, 7th November 2007

Vagh Baras Puja
November 2008

Indus Script does encode a language
The Hindu, 24th April 2009

Indus Script does encode a language
The Hindu, 27th April 2009

A Platform for tribal authors

The G.N. Devy Reader
The Times of India, 2009

Dr. Bhagwandas Patel, Adivasi Writer

A number of articles and literary notes on adivasi languages and communities have appeared in various publications over the years. Click on the articles listed below to read them. You may also email us articles that may be included here.

Language, silence and violence
The Hindu, 20th July 1997

The tribal sense of beauty
The Hindu, 21st September 1997

Possessed , like the tribals
The Hindu, 12th July 1998

A Thought for the Dispossessed, G.N. Devy Page 1 Page 2

Timeless Metaphor, G.N. Devy
The Hindu - Folio, July 2001

An adivasi must have written these stories
Sandesh, 22nd December 2001

60 years, A dialogue with Mahashweta Devi:HyperLiBayan, December 2007
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Orsang Pravah

Kunkna Ramkatha

Adivasi khara Sanskrutik
Divya Bhaskar

Adivasi Murkh Nathi

Vakbaras or Vaghbaras?

Paavra Samaj va Sanskruti
by D. G. Patil 21st December 1997

Dhol Magazine
Maharashtra Times, 25th April 1999

Dhol: An Ethnic tongue in black and white
The Times of India, 21st October 2000

Dhol Magazine
Loksatta, Mumbai, 1st July 2001

Agnyaankosh Arthaat Nasaabniti
by Atmaram Kaniram Rat Loksatta, Nagpur, 13th July 2001

Police ni Sangathe Apde
The Times of India, 20th July 2001

Adim Taalna Sangeet by Sudhir Deore
23rd September 2001