Adivasi Academy

Creating a new environment for learning about Tribal Civilizations

The Adivasi Academy at Tejgadh was established by the Bhasha Research and Publication Centre (BRPC) with a view to create a unique education environment for the study of tribal civilization in India. The Academy aims to revitalize traditional wisdom and knowledge systems and to bring them to meet with the challenges of modern technologies and cultural values. The Academy is much more than an exclusively academic institution. It seeks to use knowledge and experience to improve the quality of tribal life and to bring understanding about their culture.

The Adivasi Academy was visualised as an institute that would develop Tribal Studies as a new discipline and contribute to the development of Adivasi communities. The Adivasi Academy for the past two decades, has emerged as a people's institution providing space to tribals for intellectual, cultural and creative expression and developing social leadership within the communities. The Academy's uniqueness lies in its seeking to understand the tribal world view of the world and bringing together the adivasi and the wider world in a dialogue based on non-violence, equality and mutual exchange. The Academy has combined aesthetics with economics, tradition with modernity and expression with introspection to help the adivasi society to meet the modern day challenges.

The Adivasi Academy stands as a unique institution that has laid the foundations of a distinct educational and development model for the Adivasis of India. It is viewed by Adivasi communities as a space for intellectual dialogue, imaginative expression and hope for a dignified.

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