Read the Purva Prakash policy

  1. The resource policy of Bhasha Publications rests on the twin principals of -

    • economy of measures and
    • intensity of impact.

    It shall, therefore, resist movement in the direction of becoming a top-heavy establishment and also acquiring an array of gadgets and machinery.

  2. The publication unit will operate through hiring skills on short-term basis, collaboration with other firms and persons involved in the industry and keeping the production lines light and smart.

  3. Production of materials, whether in print or any other medium, will be low priced so that the audience for which the materials are produced can have access to them.

  4. They will carry an 'imprint' or 'design-signature' which will distinguish them as Purva Prakash products.

  5. Purva Prakash products should be distinguished both for its social sympathy as well as for its experimental value. Therefore, the products should keep breaking the stereotypes including those created by Purva Prakash itself. In other words, Purva Prakash products should scrupulously avoid exploiting its own success and must show the courage to live on the verge of failure.