People's Linguistic Survey of India

What Is People's Linguistic Survey of India?

The People's Linguistic Survey of India is a right based movement for carrying out a nation wide survey to identify, document and understand the state of Indian languages, especially languages of fragile nomadic, coastal, island and forest communities.

The PLSI is carried out by scholars, writers and activists in partnership with members of different speech communities.

The main objectives of the PLSI are :

To provide an overview of the living languages of India as 'they are' by 2011-2012.

To create an action network of members committed to sustainable development, irrespective of diverse social and cultural contexts, and of community custodians of life enhancing systems and traditions.

To build bridges among diverse language communities, and thereby to strengthen the foundations of multilingual, multicultural Indian society.

To create closer links between the government and speech communities, and to bring the universal developmental strategies of the government in harmony with ecologically and culturally diverse communities.

To develop teaching material and capability for promoting education in mother tongue. To provide a baseline for any future survey of India's linguistic and cultural composition. To arrest extinction of linguistic, cultural and biological diversity, nurtured by speech communities over generation, and to protect one of the few surviving bastions of linguistic diversity in the world in the interest of human security and survival.

The PLSI is not

A repeat, substitute, replacement or a sequel to Grierson's Linguistic Survey of India, a Sample Survey or a Census.

It is not an exhaustive survey of each and every language in existence in India. It is not an exercise in standardizing or fixing the writing or the speech of Indian language communities.

The PLSI is

A quick, non-hierarchical, public consultation and appraisal, intended as an aid to cultural impact assessment of development, and as an acknowledgement of the self-respect and sense of identity of all, especially the endangered speech communities of India. The PLSI is guided by the National Editorial Collective, constituted voluntarily.

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