BHASHA has established since its inception, the following institutions and activities:
  • Bhasha Publications, 1997 (More than 100 titles of Adivasi Literature)
  • Denotified and Nomadic Tribes Rights Action Group, 1998 (TAG Report to Government)
  • Budhan Theatre and Library, Ahmedabad, 1998 (More than 1500 plays all over India)
  • Adivasi Academy, Tejgadh, 2000 (Museum, Library, Workshop, Non-formal school, guest houses, Ayurvedi Clinic etc)
  • Vidya Non Formal Education Programme, 2000 : (Approx 68000 children educated and admitted to the Government Primary School)
  • Prakriti: Tribal Healthcare Programme, 2001 (Approx 3.00 lakh tribal patients got benefits)
  • Microfinance Programme, 2001 (2200 SHGs and 48000 families involved)
  • Tribal Food Grain Banks, 2002 (5000 Women members)
  • Gram Vikas Kendras or Development Services Centres,2002 (100 DSCs all over Gujarat)
  • Library at Academy (more than 65000 books on tribals all over India and world)
  • Vasantshala Residential Education Centre,Center for Mother Tongue and Multilingual Education, 2004 (800 children got admission in Government Boarding School after Vasant Shala)
  • Vaacha: The Museum Of Tribal Voice, 2005 (Approx 2000 art work displayed at Museum)
  • Himlok: Institute for Himalayan Studies, 2006 (Colloboration with Government of Himachal Pradesh for research in Himalayan studies)
  • Kyelang Community Museum, 2007 (Established Tribal museum on highest peak of India)
  • National Consortium of Indian Tribal Arts and Culture, 2007 (Created Consortium of Tribal Arts of all over India and linked all tribal museums and Tribal Research Institute)
  • Purva Prakash Trust (for Publications), 2008 (More than 100 titles published)
  • Chotro International Conference Series, 2008 (Five big international conferences)
  • Green Economic Zones, 2009 (1200 villages members involved in the process)
  • Creation of Digital Corpus of Tribal Music, 2007 (Digitization and documentation of tribal music of Chhatisgarh, Gujarat, West Bengal, Aassam, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand)
  • Peoples Linguistic Survey of India, 2010 (90 volumes covering 780 languages in India, a biggest survey of languages in the history of India in last 100 years)
  • Tribal Visual Archives, 2011 (Website containing images, videos, audios of tribal communities and documentation of related activities)
  • Community Ethnographies, 2012 (Covering 80 communities all over Gujarat and targeting 300 more communities all over India)
  • Bhasha ebooks, 2013 (More than 60 titles uploaded on website for readers)
  • Bhasha Van, 2013 (an open museum of voice where tree speaks languages, 60 living languages)
  • Ayush Programme, Ayush Ministry programme of Ayush intervention in tribal villages (150 villages of Chhotaudepur district are involved in the programme)