Adivasi & Bhasha

Bhasha's special interest has been the adivasis, whose national population is about 104 million(Census 2011), and the nomadic and denotified communities, whose population is estimated at 60 million. Bhasha is engaged in bringing a greater appreciation of the cultures of these two social sectors and ensuring their entitlement to constitutional guarantees and social security.

It needs to be stressed that this work is of huge proportion and involves not just the question of reducing the economic deprivation of the Adivasis and DNT's but also of social attitudes beset with stereotypes, Besides, the question of restoring their access to resources such as land, water and forest, and shaping the structural instruments such as policy and regulations, have been of high-priority in Bhasha's activities. Bhasha tries to pursue all these lines of action for a social transformation by activating the energy and imagination of the young and the educated among the Adivasis.